Julie lives in Squamish, BC Canada with her husband and two girls. Julie is a certified Family Sleep Consultant with the Family Sleep Institute. This is complimented by her background of a Masters degree in Social Work and extensive experience as a mental health therapist with children and families. She is confident addressing a complex set of issues and is comfortable working with individuals from all backgrounds.

As founder and head sleep consultant for Mountain Dreams, Julie believes in supporting families to choose what is the right process for them. She understands the desperation of sleep deprivation, as her own two children Sola and Yale provided her with personal experience. With a daughter who was a preemie followed by health challenges and being a first time mom, things did not start off on the right foot. Through extensive research Julie was able to overcome these challenges and is excited to support families feeling this same sleep deprived desperation. Julie enjoys consulting and working with parents to get them some well deserved rest.

Julie is an experienced and celebrated presenter. Her depth of knowledge and personalized delivery, complete with humour and compassion, have her traveling across Canada presenting a variety of topics. With over ten years training facilitators to speak to youth on topics such as suicide and crisis and brings with her great skill and sensitivity to her work.



Jill Hewitt lives in Whistler, BC, Canada with her husband and her son where she works part time as a Pharmacist. Jill is a certified Family Sleep Consultant with the Family Sleep Institute. Through her work in pharmacy, Jill has gained a lot of experience working with families and young children to help with various health issues and concerns. She has a very professional and understanding attitude and is confident working with a wide range of ages and family backgrounds.

A new addition to the Mountain Dreams family, Jill is eager to help families work though various sleep challenges and to get everyone resting again. As a mother of a colicky baby who didn’t sleep much, Jill can empathize with how difficult it can be for families when nobody is getting any rest. She was able to implement a plan to get her own family sleeping again and it worked wonderfully for them. As she recognized the many benefits of healthy sleep, her goal then became to help others in similar situations. She completed her training with the Family Sleep institute while on maternity leave and has been dedicated to help others sleep ever since.