You have changed our lives in the past few days. Bedtime is no longer an entire evening struggle, but rather something that we all look forward to now. The bedtime routine for Zephyr has become more quality time we spend with him reading books and singing songs. Since last Wednesday, Zephyr has been sleeping in his own bed all night long and we no longer have to sit in his room until he falls asleep, endure multiple wake ups all through the night or co-sleep with him all night. Achieving this would have never have been possible if not for all your support, encouragement and your unending dedication to your clients. Julie, Thank you so much for helping our family. We are forever grateful and the only question we ask ourselves is why didn’t we contact you sooner. Mountain Dreams has changed our lives in more ways than 1!

Michelle, Mom to Zephyr (2.5 years)

I just want to say thank you so much. You have changed our lives in such a short amount of time! Not just with Jayas sleep patterns but with my confidence in being a mother as well. I no longer feel like i’m not doing a good job because she is sleeping on my lap or falling asleep while feeding. I now know she is getting the right amount of sleep throughout the night and day and that has taken a huge weight off my shoulders. As a family we are functioning a lot more smoothly. We have a nice routine going and its all because of your guidance and support. Jaya is sleeping 12 hours straight at night, i cant believe it! Two weeks ago I was at my wits end. I was getting all sorts of different advice from family and friends (which was all great, just very confusing) I didn’t know who to listen to or which way was the right way. I think I just needed someone to tell me step by step how to go about it for me to feel more confident leaving her in her crib. You’ve taken away the anxiety i felt everyday over her sleeping properly and for getting her into her own bed. I can’t express to you enough how much this means to me and my family.

Kerri, Mom to Jaya (10 months)

Julie we are doing really well. I think every mom is afraid to write that or say it aloud for fear that the sleeping routine may change. As of last Thursday Michael has been sleeping throughout the night. The more restful sleeps and earlier bed times has really improved our overall quality of life as a family. Thank you Julie for your support and guidance we will highly recommend your service and look forward to connecting with you again with updates.

Jackie, Mom to Michael (8months)

Julie I have no idea how to thank you. I was so freaked out about sleep training but we knew we needed to do something different as our daughter was miserable, tired and not meeting her potential. After talking to you I was so relieved that the methods you offered were not strictly cry it out. I actually just called to apease my husband but you took so much time to talk I felt comfortable with you right away. You were so gentle in your apporach and managed all my anxieties. The amount of support you offered was over and above. Midnight texts Julie…..you got us through it without caving. The empathy you provide and the wisdom always at the perfect moment helped me so so much. You are so kind and caring and over the top amazing. My husband loved how much support you provided us both with amaing knowledge and research and background info. You are a sleep wizard. Most importantly our daughter Lacey is sleeping so well. Better than I ever imagined. I continue to ask myself why we didnt contact you sooner. A week after we started with you Sarah hit 2 milestones that we were worried she was delayed on. It is truly crazy how much sleep impacts our kids and how wonderful our whole family is functioning with more sleep. Thank you sweet Julie, we will tell everyone about you. Our life has changed from this amazing experience. You are not just any consultant…you are our sleep angel.

Sarah, Mom to Lacey (6 months)

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to see Julie speak at the conference this weekend. I have been struggling with some children with anxiety in my centre and I feel so equipped now with the tools I was given at the workshop. Julie was so highly interactive, gave such tangible activities to put into my practice that I was excited to get back to work knowing my tool kit was so much more full. Julie was clearly on top of the newest research and best practices and incorporated this into her talk. I felt the care she put into her presentation and her strong facilitation skills kept us all engaged the whole 3 hours. She is clearly passionate about children’s well being. I will seek out more of her talks in future.

Additional references available upon request