There’s too much pressure
to ‘get it right’.

Technology is a blessing and a curse. It’s made information readily accessible – and also made it easy to compare every aspect of life to others.

Parenting is no exception.

You’re doing your best to multitask and get everything done (and done ‘right’ – whatever that means) – which is a huge demand of time + energy.

So when something’s not going the way you want it to—when there’s challenges or struggles surfacing and you’ve tapped out your handling-it toolkit—it’s easy to feel a sense of frustration, failure, self-doubt, or shame.

That experience is so real, and can be so isolating. And, can make you feel disconnected from your kids; wondering if you’ll experience the closeness or cohesiveness you’ve had before. Amidst the intensity of what’s occurring with your child, and even through how you’re feeling now, always remember:

No one is a better parent to your child than you.

I’m here to help you remember that today and everytime you may forget, by co-creating support plans that help you feel seen, comfortable and safe.

It all started with helping kids + caregivers get more sleep.

Then, as I worked with more families and grew a counselling + sexual health and education business, it became evident that the transitions parents needed support with, extended well beyond a child’s bedroom.

They wanted their kids to have the best experience and best life possible – at every age. And, felt lost at times when things would change, and what they knew to do wasn’t working.

Their goals were the same as mine: to build up my/our kids and the kids around them to be their best selves. So, I rolled up the experience with sleep expertise, counselling, positive parenting training, behavioural studies and personal experience mom-ing to land here…

Get more Sleep Squamish Mountain Dreams Sleep Consulting

To offer a unique, personalized approach to unlocking your amazing, dynamic parenting + support skills to help your kids, your family and your community truly thrive.

I believe with some extra education-backed knowledge, and a roadmap to get your support tactics on track, you’ll find a whole new relationship with your child – regardless of where you find yourself today.

We’re in this together; to get you what you need, and create the future with and for your child that you want.



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