Behavioural Support

Change is the only constant.

Developmental transitions happen

all. the. time.

From tantrums in toddlers to self-expression and – assertion in pre-teens to exploring (ahem…pushing) boundaries in their later teen years – the growth never stops.

Which also means that you can be met with changes or challenges in your child’s behaviour every year; some you may be able to anticipate and some that surface unexpectedly.

Most parenting skills are passed down from our parents, read in books, or recommended by the Big G search engine; all very human and very normal ways to go about seeking support for the kids in your care.

We use what we know to support them the best we can. And at times, it can feel like you’ve tapped out your toolbox; like you don’t know what else to do to help them out.

Whether that moment occurs in crisis or you’re anticipating a change you’re feeling under-prepared to navigate, it’s the perfect time to pick up a few extra tools – and start in on developing a new relationship with your ever-evolving child.

It’s all about confidence.

Behavioural support helps you tap into even more confidence as the support system around your child, and elevates their confidence as they navigate often-confusing times in their development and growth.

parenting help

With fresh perspectives, new strategies and applicable tools in hand, you’ll help your child:

Feel more confident + secure by being validated, understood + heard

Experience a stronger connection with you

Have the space to problem solve, fail, and learn in the process (in a safe way, of course)

Experience clarity + stability with consistent and clear boundaries

Supporting you in understanding the theory behind behaviour, you’ll know:

What kids are capable of and what’s ‘appropriate’ behaviour at what ages

How to temper expectations with your child’s reality – and find a balance point

Evidence-based rationale to why + how we behave

Elevated confidence in your skills + strategies for handling challenges with your child

How to anticipate future issues and know what proactive support looks like


you’ll walk away feeling like you’re doing it better…not ‘right’. Better because you’re in alignment with your values, and finding a way to work with your child – not against them.

“We trust Julie in all things parenting”

We had no idea where to start and then we found Julie. In a one-hour conversation, Julie gave us a new understanding of how we might connect with our foster daughter. We learned new ways to communicate, validate and show love while respecting her independence. We gained insight into how we can set appropriate limits without having to nag. Julie shared her tremendous knowledge of the teen developmental stage. We’ve seen a big shift in our daughters behaviour and we feel closer to her and more confident. We’ve had to reach out to Julie a few more times and she always makes time to support us in a caring way. We trust Julie in all things parenting.

Dave and Cindy, parent coaching clients


Behavioural Support

Working to support parents navigate:

Strong willed child
Separation anxiety
Sibling rivalry
Potty challenges
Biting and hitting
Not listening
Eating challenges
Setting rules and boundaries
Oppositional and impulsive behaviour
And more

…we’ll create the best path forward for you and your child – backed by behavioural theory and in alignment with your family values.

One hour Consult

Here’s how it works

We connect and discuss behaviour or childhood concerns you have

You complete an in-depth intake form; we debrief it and discuss it in detail

I provide you with positive parenting tools for 3 or 4 challenges/concerns + solid strategies that teach new skills and techniques to better support your child in the phase they’re in

You’ll receive a wrap up document outlining our session, complete with those recommendations + strategies to start implementing with your child

It’s all done through positivity and reinforcement, and zero shame. Always.

School/Daycare Observation

If you’ve gotten feedback from your child’s school or teachers that there are issues arising in the classroom, let’s collaborate between the educators + your family, all in the best interest of the child.

You’ll receive:

2 hours of in-class observation

Post-observation phone call summarizing notes and the in-class experience

A detailed report with recommendations for the family, along with specific recommendations for the school + educators

Recommendations for tools that will be helpful and supportive to the child – both at home and in the classroom

Consistency from the home to the classroom and back again can be a supportive structure that helps kids thrive everywhere they show up.

Services covered by extended benefits for those with a Registered Social Worker for family support/counselling.

“Julie just gets it.”

I was stuck as a single parent, feeling like I was messing it all up. Feeling guilty when I lost my temper and having no idea what to do with my sons’ tantrums, biting and hitting. Getting calls from day care about him being aggressive was my last straw. I was lost. A friend told me to call Julie. She gave me a road map to both improve my relationship with my son and to give us skills to help him feel heard, express his emotions, and get his anger and frustration under control. Julie was caring, supportive, knowledgeable and I never felt judged.

Jessie, behavioural support client

Help create the change

you want to see.

Give your child every chance to thrive – in a way that works. If you’re ready to be your child’s partner in finding confidence and feeling supported, let’s get to work.

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