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    Like most coaches: accountability, a bit of a push, and expert insight. Yes, you can find a lot of what I’ll teach and share in books and online. And, navigating the research and the reading and finding credible sources can add to the overwhelm you *may* already be feeling.

    When that discovery heavy lifting is already done, you get to be supported in diluting that overwhelm, and being offered your next steps – without having to devise or design a plan – simply be handed it.

    It’s a long list – so I’ll draw out the most relevant ones. I’ve got a Master’s in Social Work, an active role as a clinical counsellor (both privately and in schools), a certification in sleep consultancy from The Family Sleep Institute and a Bachelor of Education. Yes, it’s all kept me busy. And, it’s all connected with the intent of creating safe spaces for people to learn and grow, that encourages explorations, embraces failure (how else to we learn) and creates positive outcomes for every participant; both in their experience, and in the changes they see from the work we do together.

    Regardless of the support you’re seeking, simply complete the contact form, giving me a sense of what kind of challenges you’re facing and how you’d like to be supported. I’ll take it from there and respond with next steps and how we’ll move forward to get you the support you need.

    I’m all for transparency – so here’s the truth:

    I cannot guarantee results as my impact ends once we hang up the phone, and when your plan is passed off. The plans require follow through – which can take time, and requires dedicated focus + effort on your part. So no, I don’t guarantee results. 

    But – if you implement the tools you will see a difference.

    And – because the results rely on implementation, and that’s the roadblock – reach out. We can talk about what the blocks are + how to navigate them. Failures and breakdowns are our greatest teachers – and we all have blocks that keep us from our best parenting. I’ll be your coach + cheerleader to move through them, and find a successful path forward. 

    It’s like personal trainers at the gym: they tell you that you’ll see results if you work the program. The step up here is I’ll help you figure out where you’re stuck – and move those roadblocks.

    Not that I’m one to toot my own horn, however if you take a peek at my qualifications, you’ll see that my career and the education experiences I’ve pursued have set me up to have deep insight and understanding across the developmental journey all children experience – from infancy through to their teenage years. 

    If Registered Social Workers are a service that’s covered on your plan, then yes!

    From challenges with sleep (infancy onwards) through to behavioural issues or concerns you’re having in toddlers all the way up to teenagers, we have the flexibility to address essentially any issues arising with your teens.

    And – as a disclaimer: should there be any indication that the challenges we’re facing cross into the space where Clinical Counselling or more supportive measures would be appropriate for your child, you can trust me to be transparent in that case, and to be your partner in finding the right team to actively support your child.

    You bet. Video conferencing is a wonderful alternate to in-person work. International clients are encouraged to apply.

    From a ‘how it works’ perspective, Sleep Training/Sleep Support is the combination of a developmentally appropriate sleep schedule, good sleep hygiene, positive sleep environment, introducing new routines, child soothing and support for families in the process of finding their footing with a challenge in the sleep department.

    Maybe the most important thing to know is this: it’s not a one size fits all experience. It doesn’t look the same for every family or every child, which is why every sleep plan is custom-made and tailored to each family and child. 

    Sleep training can begin anytime after an adjusted age of 4 months, provided the child’s physician had no concerns about starting the process.

    And, I can coach families to set up healthy sleep environments and offer guidance prior to the 4 month mark. However, formal consulting won’t begin until they hit that age. Why? Circadian rhythms don’t fall in place until this stage – so it isn’t advised to do full-out training until then.

    Here’s a frustrating answer: It depends.

    There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to sleep training. So, I don’t adhere to one method. Each family is unique – and my job is to find the right method for your family and circumstances. I’ll teach you about the various methods, and ultimately it’s in your hands to decide what to do. And – you’ll have all the support and information to make that choice confidently 🙂