Workshops + Talks

Come together
as a community

We’re not meant to parent in silos.

It’s baked into our DNA to live in community, to connect, and to learn from one another as we navigate life’s ups and downs.

Whether you’re a community group seeking support for parents + caregivers in a group setting, or a small team of friends sharing changes and challenges with your children, let’s gather together to normalize the act of parenting and finding (read: fumbling) our way forward in often murky times.

Find your ‘better’.

It’s what a lot of parents and caregivers say: they just want to know how to do it ‘better’. ‘It’ being to support their child, and give them the best life they possibly can.

Big on learning in a safe and welcoming way, with zero shame (always), workshops and talks offer you:

A more expansive conversation across an array of topics (more than we can cover in a 1:1 consultation)

Practice in trying out your new language; putting the skills you’re taught to work in role plays in an experiential learning environment

Tools and strategies for finding your version of ‘better’ parenting through changes + challenges

A community to connect with as you work through your child’s developmental phases

The chance to get a community or group on the same page about parenting practices + perspectives

The opportunity to grow as a person, and grow as a parent


Connection, confidence, and the gentle reminder that while it can look like everyone else has it together, we’re all fighting our own battles.

Curate your


Offering workshops + talks in 90 minute, half and full day bookings, you can custom-curate the kind of learning experience you want to create for your group or gathering.

Here’s a taste of what previous groups have requested:

Supporting successful sleep habits
Healthy eating and body image in young children
The Years Ahead; the Transition Into Teen-Dom
The Boundaries Dance
Rules, Expectations, and Follow Through

Big Feelings; How To Support Kids In Navigating Their Feels
Puberty 101; Supporting Your Child As Their Body Changes
Grandparents Workshop; Creating Supportive Experiences for Grandkids
Sexual Health; The Early Years
Supporting Siblings; Navigating Sibling Rivalry

Interested in having me collaborate with other developmental experts?

Yes please.

It’s my favourite way to work.

Workshop + Talks Fees starting at:

90 minutes

Half Day

Full Day

Note: Travel expenses apply for locations outside of the Sea to Sky Corridor and Lower Mainland.

It’s our goal to bring this work to the communities requesting it, and to ensure that barriers—including budgetary constraints—aren’t an impediment to the work occurring, where possible. If you have any questions about adjusted rates for special interest, non-profit or community-based groups, please include that information in your intake form.

“She has helped so many families get their lives back!”

I hired Julie after going through a sleepless first child, and I knew I had to do it differently with my second. She was exactly what we needed!!! She is kind, so understanding and incredibly knowledgeable. She worked to understand what worked for us and she absolutely made all the difference! Not only do I trust her with my family, but as a Birth Doula, I work with many families and whenever they need help with sleep I am confident in referring them to Julie. Not only do I know my clients are in such good, gentle hands, but the feedback I get is always the most glowing reviews!! Julie makes you feel confident, gives you a plan you can work with and is always there for support! new family, you will not regret hiring her!

Kate Lorimer, Birth Journeys Doula Care Services

Let’s fumble forward


We’re all in this human experience together – let’s learn and grow along the way as a caring community out to make the world a place where all our children can thrive.

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